Spring Half Term 2022

Spring half term is fast approaching at the end of February, which means a whole week away from school. Organising and participating in indoor and outdoor activities before half term week is over can feel like running a marathon. Here are some ideas for things to do over this February half term:

Arts and Crafts - colouring, making sock puppets, origami, and all other forms of arts and crafts are wonderful ways to relax and be creative

Baking - keep it simple with cupcakes and bread, or be bold and try a more extravagant recipe like tarts and pies

Outdoor Sports - you don’t need much equipment to set up some goal posts for football, or set the challenge of coming up with a brand new game

Nature Walks - being surrounded by nature has many health and developmental benefits, and you could try identifying species of birds or insects too enrich this time outdoors

Photo by Luemen Rutkowski on Unsplash

There’s one more half term activity to consider…

Across the Pond Tutoring Creative Writing Courses

I’ll be offering creative writing courses as an opportunity

for young writers to hone their skills and put their abilities to the test. These hour and a half courses will bring out the imagination and originality in your child’s writing, and teach them literary devices to make their work stand out!

Click here to make your booking or message via the contact me form. Watch out for Easter holiday sessions in April.

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