Staying On Top Of Homework

Homework can sometimes seem like an impossible mountain to climb. We’ve all been there; frantically answering questions and scribbling essays the night before it’s due. So how can you help your child stay on top of their homework?

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Just get started - your child might need some building blocks to help them gain momentum. ‘Write a summary of chapters 9 and 10’ can be started with some easy bullet points: Who are the main characters in those chapters? What happens to them? Once they have jotted a few ideas down, the assignment seems less daunting!

Quick homework - it’s very easy to leave these to the last minute. Encourage your child to do these straight away or even take it in the car on the way to a friend’s house. ‘Practise your times tables’ could be completed by the time you’ve finished the journey.

Minimise distractions - finding the right space to do homework is very important. Turn off the TV, take the dog into another room, and remove any games or toys. Do homework in a family room to keep your child’s bedroom as a place of relaxation and enjoyment.

Set a schedule - choose a regular time and duration each day. Doing 30 minutes of homework after dinner every day is much easier than cramming five pieces of homework into one hour on a Sunday night.

Substance over style - encourage your child to prioritise. They can write their own poem first, and then colour in a border. Leave the presentation until last so that if they run out of time, they can still be proud of what they hand in.

There’s a great satisfaction in being able to cross tasks off of a to-do list. Try a few of the tips above and see smiles all round when homework is completed and school planners get ticked and signed off.

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